THATCamp PNW Planning Update

First, great thanks to everyone who has shown support and completed the planning survey thus far. We are going to keep the survey open one more week before we finalize the plans THATCamp PNW in Pullman, WA. Please spread the word.

After we finalize plans, we will put out a call for participants; by that time THATCamp Austin will be over and we will be able to point to their success as an indicator of what we can do with the regional THATCamp model. We continue to be grateful to the Austin folks and those at CHNM for their support and suggestions.

Here’s a sneak peek at the current trends in the planning survey:

  • Most popular available date: Sat, Oct 17th (second most popular: Sat, Oct 31)
  • Regarding sessions per time slot: most people have no preference, but of those who do, 2 sessions per slot is the most popular response
  • Most popular start time: by far, the most popular start time is 10am (end approximately 5pm)
  • Amenities: almost everyone wants water and coffee throughout the day, which makes sense to us. Snacks at registration and throughout the day are also popular. Very few people indicated branded THATCamp swag is important to them, which certainly helps the budget.
  • Travel to Pullman: most respondents are local or within a 2-hour drive. This reponse make sense because we haven’t really publicized the survey outside of our local area. However, we also have people prepared to fly a very long distance, and drive up/over from Corvallis, OR. Hooray!
  • Post-unconference get-together: the most popular response is a 5 on a scale of 5, 5 being “yes, let’s do it!”

These are all great responses and allow us to estimate our budget quite precisely even this early in the game. Please continue to publicize the survey and put “THATCamp PNW” in the minds of your friends and colleagues.

If you have any questions please e-mail or follow and contact @THATCampPNW on Twitter.

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