THATCamp Pacific Northwest 2009 has official institutional support from the Washington State University Department of English and from the WSU Libraries. Keeping with the tradition of the “unconference” there is no official registration fee for THATCamp PNW, but we will accept donations from participants in any amount—$5, $10, $25, whatever you wish to give. Additionally, the organizers will gladly accept sponsorships from academic units, corporations, and non-profits in the form of cash, equipment, supplies, or volunteer time. If you are interested in sponsorship please send us an e-mail at . We currently have support from the following kind folks:

George Kennedy, Chair of the WSU Department of English, and Jay Starratt, Dean of the WSU Libraries, have pledged financial support for THATCamp PNW. Their support will enable us to provide WSU-catered food and beverages during registration and throughout the day, as well as additional technology and supplies for use during the discussion and presentation sessions.

As the founders of THATCamp, CHNM has given the organizers of THATCamp PNW their blessing to produce this regional gathering. CHNM has been instrumental in providing a structure, organization, and “best practices” for producing an unconference of this sort.

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