1.pedagogy | 2.interface/identity | 3.digitaldiversity

I’m sort of between ideas lately, so figured I’d throw 3 things out there and maybe some nice intersections will emerge.

1. Pedagogy. How do we best teach students ‘technological literacy’ and what do we even mean by that?  Should our large-scale goals for humanities courses involve some element of production in order to foster this type of literacy? If so, what does that look like?  (purposefully vague questions…i just like thinking about teaching w/ technology)

2. How do the interfaces of Web 2.0 shape and limit the ways in which we represent ourselves? What is lost and/or gained in the template-driven models of Web 2.0? Who do we get to be in these spaces and why?

3. What happens when University diversity initiatives go online? How do Universities represent ‘diversity’ in digital spaces?

I am more than happy to talk about any of these areas. It will make my brain happy.

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