Thanks for a Great THATCamp PNW 2009!

Many thanks to everyone who participated in the first THATCamp Pacific Northwest—look for links to the archives and roundups of discussions on this blog as soon as I (Julie) get my bearings!

Here’s to THATCamp PNW 2010 in…Seattle?

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  1. Thanks to Julie and Lorena for organizing the camp and everyone who participated. It was very enlightening. I’m not sure if this is the proper place for follow-up evaluations, but for the next THATCamp PNW, I’d like to see some presentations a little longer than the Dork Shorts included in the sessions, particularly the sessions on pedagogy. I appreciated the discussions we had, but seeing some pedagogical applications of the technologies in assignments, activities, online classes, etc. would help make the discussions more concrete and give participants ideas about ways to adapt the applications to their own courses.

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