Playing with Technology

I am loving the THATCamp vibe.  Some good mojo happening as each topic suggested so far seems like something I’d want to attend.

I am interested in discussing the importance of playing with technology.  In my research I keep coming across this idea that those on the cutting edge of technological development have to create and solve their own problems. Many times there are no precursors.  What is created, I argue, is an autotheoretical text – something that may only have value in being a trace of its own production.  This can also, curiously, be a definition of a product of any type of play.  Artists are constantly producing this type of work.

I am also interested in the production of autotheoretical texts as a cognitive act – a form of reasoning. It makes sense to me that understanding this type of engagement with technology is really what we seek to teach our students in the digital humanities.  I am very curious how others view/use play in the digital classroom.

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  1. jcmeloni says:

    Play is fundamental to learning anything, especially technology. I would argue that the entire hacker culture and the open source movement and especially Web n.0 only exists at all because of the notion of play. The trouble with play in the classroom is that it’s hard to build “play” into a jam-packed syllabus that also has to include (for institutional purposes) assessment. I will be in this session; “play” is part of my dissertation. IOW, I could continue to wax philosophical from this end, but I’m interested in hearing the theoretical underpinnings of your particular ideas of play.

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