Session Topics: Keep ’em Coming, Here are More

In the interest of time, I’m taking a moment to add some bullet points of ideas for sessions that come from the information people submitted with their applications. We’re off to a good start with the extended descriptions of session ideas, below, and please take a moment to jot down something about a session you’d like to lead, or a session in which you’d like to have the floor for a time. Or, if you just plan to participate in the discussion from the audience (or just listen), give a thumbs up in the comments section of blog posts.

I noted in a comment that I can see an entire track (3 sessions) devoted to tech tools and pedagogy—a session on implementation issues (e.g. access issues, student buy-in, etc), then one on sort of common tools (LMSes, GDocs, blogging), and one on building new tools. But that is but one idea of many. Although I will say that it is a tremendously popular common theme…

Additional session ideas:

  • gaming: gaming cultures, rhetorical analysis, teaching w/ & through games (and virtual worlds)
  • library collaboration with students, instructors and the community; role of libraries in digital age
  • uses of mobile technologies; extended to issues of embodiment and identity in mixed reality spaces, implications for research and teaching
  • technology and social justice
  • technology and the creative process
  • career paths related to Digital Humanities and New Media
  • the importance of play with regards to digital tools
  • technologies that allow for the discovery and access of great collections
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