Anyone want to see Google Wave? (not a session)

I was just thinking about this—I think Dave Lester and I (Julie) might be the only people at THATCamp PNW who have Google Wave accounts. I could be totally wrong about that, but if that is the case, and if anyone wants to see what it’s like in its preview (alpha) stages, track one of us down. Or at least track me down—I don’t want to volunteer Dave without asking.

If anyone else has a Wave account, please say so!

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3 Responses to Anyone want to see Google Wave? (not a session)

  1. Hannah says:

    great idea, sign me up!

  2. LarryCebula says:

    Is this where we beg for invites? Because if so let the record show that I am begging.

  3. jcmeloni says:

    Believe me, if I had any, I’d give them out. The latest group of people to get Wave didn’t get any invites (actually called “nominations”) — and the time between invite/nomination to actual account activation was upwards of a week. Keep an eye on the twitters, though, because when people have invites, I’m sure we’ll make announcements (I know I will). I’ll also put you on the list I’m keeping on a sticky note.

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