Off the wall Topic_ Virtual Relationships

There is a main reason social media is labeled SOCIAL. It is a place where people look to meet other people to find those like minded individuals in which they would like to associate.

This is the NEW way to shop for companionship as well, however, NO ONE seems to be looking at the whole situation that initially fueled this medium. What it is?… What it could be?… How best it should be perceived?

Seems that those that are most intelligent lose themselves in the immersion factor of the detached virtual environment and do things later referred to as stupid, so it gets shoved under the carpet or blasted over the media as another idiot who fell for…etc etc.¬† People pretend it does not exist. I offer ways to deal with the new found emotions and talk about what occurs in the development of these perceptions.

I have  presented on this topic at the Second Life Community Convention about my almost 3 yr investigation & the conclusions I have reached with the assistance of my 200 worldwide membership of the Roadside Philosophers.

Education covers it’s eye often to the hedonistic side of this medium instead of offering a way to deal with it. I wouldn’t mind again making that presentation. It was targeted at Second Life users but the process is applicable to all the computer mediated interactions.

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