We Have Participants!

In only ten days, we have amassed a diverse group of people and reached 50% of our (minimum) expected number of attendees. We expect more applications to come through in the next several weeks, and have “verbal commitments” from numerous people in several different geographic regions.

Additionaly, George Kennedy, Chair of the WSU Department of English, and Jay Starratt, Dean of the WSU Libraries, have pledged financial support for THATCamp PNW. Their support will enable us to provide WSU-catered food and beverages during registration and throughout the day, as well as additional technology and supplies for use during the discussion and presentation sessions. These additional supplies will allow us to have interactive Twitter streams in each room, in addition to the presentation media already available to
participants. In coordination with the WSU Digital Technology & Culture program, we will also have a few dedicated students acting as “official” live Tweeters during each session.

Check out the current list of participants and, if you like what you see (we do!), apply now!

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